Indigenous Partner Program

The Argonaut Engineering and Construction family is passionate about driving positive social change and creating opportunities for all. Because of this passion, we've implemented an Indigenous Partner Program. The aim of this program is to play a key role in delivering generational change for Aboriginal people, particularly those in Karratha and surrounding areas. We believe in delivering best practice training, support and development to Aboriginal people to ensure inclusivity for the future of the WA workforce.

How it works

Industry research is performed to identify a key service and/or product that is required within the region, typically businesses that Argonaut Engineering & Construction will be able to engage on our projects. We then find a suitable and passionate candidate of Aboriginal heritage to partner with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to launch this service as a business. Through this program, we provide them with training, support and work space at our workshop in Karratha. The SME will also have a share in the business to ensure long-term commitment and to provide continuous support in the building of the business. With a large and expanding client base, and a range of projects already scheduled in, there is an abundance of work at the ready to provide stability and security for Indigenous people now and generations into the future.

Once the business is successfully set up and the candidate feels confident, they then continue the journey running the business autonomously. The journey doesn’t end there though – our team will be there to provide support when and if required.


Expressions of Interest

If you are passionate and motivated to start a business of your own and are of Aboriginal heritage, please complete the enquiry form below and a team member of Argonaut Engineering and Construction will be in contact:

We service the Pilbara, Kimberly and Northwest, as well as Perth and surrounding areas.